The Caribbean Centre for Money and Finance is a policy research institution established by central banks of Caribbean Community (Caricom) countries and the University of the West Indies, to undertake studies and provide information for monetary and financial policy issues for the region.


Its main activities are the organization of an annual conference on monetary studies and policy seminars for senior executives of private financial institutions; the publication of studies related to the financial sector and performance; the publication of the Journal of Business Finance and Economics in Emerging Economies, together with the Departments of Economics and Management Studies and the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Research (St. Augustine, University of the West Indies); and the production of confidential reports on economic convergence among Caricom countries and other topics of interest for the Committee of Caricom Central Bank Governors.

The CCMF’s mandate has recently expanded officially to include financial sector policy (and the centre’s name was changed from Caribbean Centre for Monetary Studies), and private financial institutions now contribute to its budget. New products and services will be provided to reflect the expanded mandate and meet the needs of new subscribers.


The Caribbean Centre for Money and Finance (CCMF) which was formally launched in May 2008, evolved from the Caribbean Centre for Monetary Studies (CCMS), with a broader financial sector mandate and additional contributions. The CCMS was formally established in May 1995, to carry forward the work of the previous Regional Programme of Monetary Studies (RPMS), a programme which had served the Caribbean well for the previous 27 years. The RPMS programme was established in 1968 as a partnership between the Central Banks of CARICOM and the Universities of the West Indies and Guyana. The aim was to facilitate high quality research in monetary, financial and central banking issues in the region.

The CCMF builds on the solid foundation of the CCMS facilitating high quality research in monetary, financial and central banking issues in the region, while at the same time incorporating recent focus areas such as investment, securities, insurance and other financial sector issues.